5 Things That Makes Alcohol The Most Dangerous Drug Of All

While we all know the dangers of alcoholism, it turns out alcohol may be far more dangerous than most of us even realize.. It not only pose a threat to individual users, it also poses -the most- danger to the society at large.​

Here are 5 Things That Makes Alcohol The Most Dangerous Drug Of All

5 Things That Makes Alcohol The Most Dangerous Drug Of All

1. It has a knack for ruining Life Happiness

Starting in 1938, researchers at Harvard tracked the lives of 200 men and reported on their emotional and physical well-being. Over the years, – among other things – they found out that one thing above all else can destroy your happiness utterly.

In the 2012 update to the study, the study director revealed that alcohol was one of the key factors in participants’ life outcomes . More than intelligence, more than political leanings or how rich their parents were, alcohol was the top decider in how subjects’ lives turned out. No matter where they stood on the social spectrum, those who developed drinking problems took mostly the same path: downward.

Also the study revealed that alcoholism is one of the main triggers for neurosis and depression.

2. No Other Drug Is As Bad For Public Safety

If you are asked what the worlds most dangerous drug is, What would be your answer?

In 2010, in a study published in The Lancet, alcohol was found to be dangerous, even more dangerous than cocaine and other hard drugs.

This is because while cocaine, heroine and weed etc mostly only pose danger to individual users, Alcohol doesn’t just pose a danger to the individual users, it also poses the most danger to the society at large.

The reasons for this are varied, with the researchers focusing on factors such as crime, environmental damage, family conflict, international damage, economic cost, and damage to community cohesion.

According to the study, use of alcohol was over twice as likely to result in harm to others as use of crack cocaine was. Out of a possible score of 100, it scored 45, compared to slightly over 20 for heroin in second place.

3. It Kills More Than Any Other Drug

You can take any other drug at a birthday party and still successfully drive your car home, but you can’t try it with alcohol.

Every year thousands of people die in Nigeria alone from drunk driving, drunk drivers. These drunk drivers not only harm themselves, but they also harm other road users…

4. Many Of The Alternatives Are Safer

There are plenty of dangerous drugs in circulation. Heroin, cocaine, weed etc can all mess you up in more ways than one. But so can alcohol. And while all those drugs are frowned upon in our societies, alcohol isn’t.

While weed does have detrimental health effects and may be linked with an increased risk of mental illness, it is far safer for you than drinking.

Even when taken on a larger scale, the Alternatives to alcohol Would Still Be far Safer.

In 1995, the World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a study into drugs and public health. They concluded that even if everyone started using cannabis as regularly as they do alcohol or tobacco, the effect on public health would likely be significantly lower.

5. Alcohol, Assault And Abuse

It isn’t just where individual health is concerned that alcohol can have a hugely negative impact. We’ve known for years that alcohol and assault have a disturbing connection to one another.

It’s no news that there are some people who for some reason or the other love abusing their kids, wives, partners, strangers etc. Whether through violent sexual acts, neglect, or physically hurting them. Well, When this people take alcohol it becomes worst.

Many studies have linked alcoholism to “profound suffering” in families.

Studies have found that children who have either one or two alcoholic parents are anywhere between 2 to 13 times more likely to experience an awful situation at home. These awful situations could be anything from seeing their mom getting a beat down to they themselves being deliberately abused. In each case, the likelihood of that abuse increased with alcoholism.

Again, it’s not just the children of alcoholics who have crappy childhoods or the wives or partners of alcoholics who suffer. Having a parent, wife or husband who’s addicted to cocaine, weed, heroin etc can also produce similar results. But the point is those activities are largely illegal and restricted. Alcohol on the other hand is actively legal, advertised and even encouraged.

Culled from Listverse.

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