7 Popular Dreams And Their Fetish African Interpretation

Dream interpretation in africa is totally different from the way foreigners interpret theirs (read: 7 common dreams and their western meaning). In africa eating in a dream is considered to be a very bad thing as it is believed that it could lead to the untimely death of the dreamer. Below is a list of 7 popular dreams and their fetish african interpretation.

1. Being Chased


This is one of the most common dream. In africa it is translated that someone is out to do damage to you (maybe kill you), business or family etc.

2. Death


Dreaming of death is as bad as it sounds, it means someone close to you if not you is going to die if care is not taken. The dream can only be reversed if the matter is put in Gods hands

3. Eating In A Dream

There are two translations to this particular dream.
1. When you eat in a dream, you have ingested a poison and might die.
2. You have been initiated into a spiritual cult and will find youself flying to their meetings every night.

4. Marriage


The worst of them all. Dreaming about marriage, is only bad when you are the one doing the wedding. It Signifies that you are trapped by a spiritual wife. And would forever be trapped by her if nothing is done about it. Been trapped by a spiritual wife means you will never get married in real life.

5. Sex Dreams
This is a very common dream especially to those who have a very high libido, but to africans it is not, as a person who often have sex in his dreams is said to be doing it with a Spiritual wife. And the bad part is the sex might lead to you having spiritual children.

6. Flying


Flying in a dream represents Possession, which is very bad. People who often fly in their dream are seen as witches/wizards and are usually taken to church for counseling and deliverance.

7. Swimming


Swimming in a dream has only but one translation in Africa, west africa especially – You have been initiated into the marine world.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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