10 Things Only Guys With Flat Butts Would Understand

10 things only guys with flat butts would understand


1. No Cushioning When you sit on Uncushioned chairs, especially for a long period of time, they hurt your buttbone due to the absense of butt cheeks.

2. Always needing belts, you can’t go out of your house without wearing a belt. You can only do this if you like holding and dragging your trousers up your waist so they don’t fall off.


3. Trousers don’t generally fit, let’s face the fact, trousers generally don’t fit flat assed guys as well as they do guys with actual butt.

4. Your trousers constantly slide down your butt, You’ve tried belting, hemming, grabbing and pulling, and still, your trousers will not stay up.

flat ass
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5. You can’t sit on anyone’s lap, when you do People complain that “you are so bony and that your butt bones are stabbing them.

6. Having to stuff your back pockets, with handkerchiefs/small hand towel or fat wallets just so to give out to an unkowing public that you’ve got ass.


7. Having to wear more than 1 (one) boxer shorts, so your trouser won’t slide down your waist easily.

8. You can’t wear skinny jeans, The whole point of skinny jeans is that they accentuate our butt and thighs like a second skin, but with a flat butt, you can’t acheive this feat.

Guy with no butt
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9. You can’t tuck-in your shirt, its always better to fly your shirts and polo’s as opposed to tucking it in, atleast this way you flat ass won’t be easily noticed.

10. You always check out other guys who have actual butts, no homo. But that’s it! When you see someone with actual butt you can’t help but stare and wish you had his type of butt.


Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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