According to Psychologists, These Are The 5 Major Ways You Can Ruin Your Relationship

The Truth Is, your relationship will probably end. But how it ends matters, did it end for a good reason or did it end because you made an avoidable, but incredibly destructive mistake…

According to psychologists, these are the 5 major ways you can ruin your relationship without even knowing it.

Ways you can ruin your relationship

1. Reacting vs. responding

When your partner annoys you, intentionally or unintentionally maybe by saying something you don’t like,
You have a choice, You can either react spontaneously from your feelings and hurt your partner back or you can think things over and ask yourself why their comment has inspired such a dramatic response.

According to psychologisrs, When you take the time to respond to an issue instead of reacting it of anger or fear, you seize an opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself.

2. Inflexibility

Research suggests that couples who try new things together are happier in their relationship.

The moment you stop learning about your partner or being open to developing shared new interests, is the moment the passion dies, and this can hurt the relationship and create resentment between you guys.

So be sure to continually change things up outside of the bedroom to make your relationship flexible.

In other words, If you are fond of going to the same restaurant every time, ordering the same thing and seeing the same set of people everyday, why dont you change things up a little’ go to a different restaurant, make new friends etc. Just don’t limit both you and your partner’s experience.

3. Duplicity

Failing to match your words with your actions shows a blatant disrespect for your partner and this like every other thing in this list can ruin a relationship.

Whether or not your partner is with you, you should always do your best to consider their feelings, desires and needs.

Inortherwords If you’re telling your partner they’re the only one you ever think about but at the same time you never miss an opportunity to flirt with all her friends, you may not be cheating on her, but you’re certainly confusing her and this can end up damaging your relationship.

4. Disrespecting boundaries

Couples who lose their sense of self in a relationship are doomed from the start.
This is because when you start thinking of yourself as a “we” instead of a “you and me,” you will end up losing the valuable boundaries that are the cornerstone of every healthy relationships.

5. Distancing yourself from your partner

People who are really worried about getting hurt might distance themselves from their partners, ends up making the relationship less satisfying in the long run. In other words, When you distance yourself from your partner maybe because you are worried about getting hurt, you inavertedly ruin your relationship.

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Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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