Cameroon Miracle Healer Who Claimed He Could Cure COVID-19, Dies of Virus

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Frankline Ndifor, a popular Cameroon pastor and miracle healer has died of COVID-19 a week after he prayed and laid hands on persons diagnosed with the coronavirus.

When his death was announced on Saturday, family members and Christians of his church did not welcome the news. As such, they all engaged in serious prayers with hopes that he might resurrect. They blocked access into the compound and those who could not make it inside camped outside and prayed earnestly. According to reports, police had to force their way into his home in Douala to gain access to his body.

Some of his followers at the scene said, he was on a retreat with God and will return, they pleaded that the corpse be allowed for 48 hours after which if he doesn’t resurrect then he can be buried.

The pastor was buried in front of his house on the day of his death but his supporters sang and prayed for his resurrection throughout the weekend as they believe he is a prophet and had been on a “spiritual retreat with God” and would return.

Doctor Gaelle Nnanga told VOA that the pastor died less than a week after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

One of his followers, Rigobert Che, said that the prophet had prayed for him and several dozen people diagnosed with Covid-19, and some who suspected they were carriers or had symptoms.

Che believes Ndifor’s death had panicked those who’d been visiting him for prayers and for a cure. “If you, the person that claims you are curing Covid-19, you are dead, what about the fellow people that were affected by Covid-19? Now that he is dead, I do not know how the people he was laying hands on will be healed,” he said.

Besides praying for COVID-19 patients at his home and his church, Ndifor was also a Humanitarian who donated buckets and soap to the poor to protect themselves from the coronavirus by washing their hands.

His last public outing was on April 20, when he went out into Douala’s streets to distribute facemasks.

The 39 year old “Prophet” had a reputation as a miracle healer, and he was a contender in Cameroon’s 2018 presidential election, emerging seventh out of nine candidates, with 23,687 votes.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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