Obese Women More likely to Have Babies With Birth Defects, says study

Women who are obese when they conceive are more likely to have a baby with serious birth defects, a major study has found. The research revealed a sliding scale of risk for health problems including congenital heart defects, anomalies of...

Bald Men Have An Increased risk of Developing Heart Disease: Study Finds

The loss of hair especially at the crown of the head or what the doctors call the vertex, has always been a great source of concern for men, in terms of beauty. But now according to this study you...

Prosthetic Penis: A Final Solution For Erectile Dysfunction

Hehe... Yeah, prosthetic Penis. I always knew this day would come. To those of you out there who dont know, a Prosthetic Penis or penile prosthetics is an artificial penis... And are of two types non-inflatable device and the...

5 Sure Ways To Recognize a Plastic Rice

Thanks to China, now we have to be careful and i mean very careful about the kind of rice we buy in the market this festive season. As now the much loved rice that has been saving Nigerians since...
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Denmark Vesey: The Black Leader Executed for Planning a Slave Revolt in U.S. in 1822

Denmark Vesey was a self-educated Black man who was hanged alongside his co-conspirators for planning what is today regarded as the most extensive slave rebellion in U.S. history.
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