Nigeria’s Ikechukwu Nwachukwu Dikko Wins US President’s Award, Gets Signed Letter From Trump

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‘Prof’ Ikechukwu Nwachukwu Dikko, an American of Nigerian parentage and a student of Notre Dame High School in Connecticut, has won the Presidential Award For Elite Scholarship in America and the Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy.

Ikechukwu is Popularly called a professor at home and school because of the brilliance he shows in his actions and manner of talking.

The Nigerian teenager has been winning awards in his elite school and in the White House, the latest being The Presidential Award For Elite Scholarship in America and the Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy.

The latest laurels won by the youngster, who was one of the best soccer and basketballers in high school, are The Presidential Award For Elite Scholarship In America and the Connecticut Seal of Biliteracy.

White House, in a letter personally signed by President Donald Trump, described Ikechukwu as a high academic flyer who is well-positioned to achieve great things in life.

The presidential award is given to youngsters who distinguish themselves in scholarly endeavours while the Seal is awarded to students of Notre Dame proficient in at least eight foreign languages.

Ikechukwu can speak 10 languages which are Igbo, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, and German.

Notre Dame in reacting to the awards said that it is not in any way surprised by the academic brilliance of Ikechechukwu.

In a brief chat with The Nation, Ikechukwu, whose ambition is to become the director of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), said the awards have motivated him to “keep striving for greater success’’ in his academic pursuits.

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