Paga – the Small Village in Ghana Where People Live in Harmony With Crocodiles

Paga is a small town Ghana, that’s known for its sacred crocodile ponds, where local population play and ride on the back of deadly crocodiles without any fear of it snapping their bones.

Paga crocodile pond
Image credit: Nasrulahi Abdul Aziz

The small village of Paga is noted for its sacred pond, which is a sanctuary for crocodiles. The crocodiles are said to be totems for the people of Kassena, who reside in Paga and the surrounding communities.

The local population plays and ride on the back of the deadly crocodiles. Young men even go into the water to fish, right next to the crocodiles. So far none of the villagers have ever been harmed by the reptiles.

It is believed that each native of Paga has a corresponding crocodile representing each persons soul, because of this, people never hurt or kill the sacred crocodiles. Local tradition has it that there have been actual instances when deaths of important personalities in the community coincided with that of some crocodiles.

Paga – the Small Village in Ghana Where People Live in Harmony With Crocodiles

The reptiles are normally enticed out of the pond by the whistling of the caretaker and the brandishing of a fowl, which the crocodiles quickly snatch with their snouts. Tourists who are courageous can then sit on, pet or hold the beasts tail for a good picture.

Paga village the only second place in the world where you can get your picture taken while petting or holding the tail of a full-grown adult crocodile, the other been the village of Bazoule in Burkina Faso.

Paga – the Small Village in Ghana Where People Live in Harmony With Crocodiles

The locally told origin of the pond was that a Crocodile saved the first man to settle in the area by guiding him to the pond to quench his thirst after a long journey, in return, the man declared the pond to be sacred and that no harm should come to the crocodiles. To this day, it is taboo to hurt or kill any of the reptiles.

Paga – the Small Village in Ghana Where People Live in Harmony With Crocodiles

The incredible relationship between the people and crocodiles of Paga village have baffled many people for years and made this place one of Ghana’s most popular tourist attractions.

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