Lukasa, the Memory Device of the Ancient African Kingdom of Luba

The Lukasa is a memory device that was used by the Luba people of the Democratic Republic of Congo for record keeping.

António I of Kongo, the African King Who Was Beheaded for Refusing to Cede His Country’s Mines to Portugal

António I of Kongo (António I Nvita a Nkanga) was a King of the Kingdom of Kongo who ruled from 1661 to his defeat and death at the Battle of Mbwila.

Force Publique, the Brutal Army Used by Belgian King Leopold II to Commit His Crimes in Congo

King Leopold's Force Publique had one major purpose and that was to enforce the rubber quotas and other forms of forced labour on the people of congo.
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History of Human Zoos: How ‘Exotic Africans’ Were Displayed in Zoos in the West

During this time, people from various non-European cultures were brought to Europe and the United States and displayed in zoos as examples of "exotic" and "primitive" peoples.