These Popular Christmas Traditions are Deeply Rooted In Nigerian Culture

These Popular Christmas Traditions are Deeply Rooted In Nigerian culture.

These Popular Christmas Traditions are Deeply Rooted In Nigerian culture

1. Travelling

A lot of Nigerians travel to their villages on Christmas Eve so as to celebrate the day with family. The airports get filled up, Bus stations are also crowded with people who are in a haste to catch the festivities in villages and towns where their extended families live.

2. Killing Chicken, Boiling Rice

Chicken are very much desired in many Nigerian Homes for the Christmas festivities. On this day in Nigeria and chickens are killed, friend, some roast theirs to be eaten with rice with the family.

3. Masquerade Parties

Masquerade parade on Christmas in Nigeria Many villages in Nigeria especially the Eastern parts have masqueraders parading in streets, dancing and begging for money. They scare children and never leave until the parents hand out some money.

4. Exchange of Food

Many Nigerian homes exchange food on Christmas day. Depending on the prowess of your neighbour, you may receive Some jollof rice, Friend rice or even a big bowl of yam and pepper soup on this day. You must reciprocate the kindness by also giving a plate of food.

6. New Clothes, New Hair

Christmas Day is the day to wear new clothes and hairdo in Africa. On December 25, many people come out looking dapper, the women flaunt their new hairdo, Children also flaunt their new clothes, shoes and ‘eye glasses’ the men are not left out, they also come out looking dapper with their neatly ironed clothes and nicely polished shoes.

7. Christmas Morning Church Service

Many Christians in Nigeria attend Christmas morning church services in addition to that of Christmas Eve. The church service is where new clothes are exhibited while the preacher talks about the story of the birth of Christ all over again. Carols are also sung in the decorated churches.

Why do Nigerians like eating rice on Christmas

8. Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are a big part of the season in Nigeria. In a true Christmas spirit, businesses, churches, banks, and corporate bodies outdo themselves by putting up elaborate decorations around their office premises. Some houses also decorate trees and entrances with lights. Major cities also decorate streets, parks and buildings with lights and other Christmas paraphernalia.

9. Fireworks

Fireworks go off at night all over Nigeria it is worst in Lagos state. during the Christmas season. Even though Nigerian Government has banned fireworks the ban takes little to no effect.

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
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