Top 20 Richest Families in the World, 2018

From the richest families in America to the richest royals in Europe , high concentrations of wealth can be found all around the world.

Top 20 Richest families in the world 2018
Members of the Walton family (the richest family in the world =

In fact, there are 2,208 billionaire individuals across 72 countries for a combined total of $9.1 trillion, according to Forbes. But what about the world’s billionaire families?

The top 20 richest families in the world ranking was determined based on net worth figures from June 15, 2018. It didn’t take into account first-generation fortunes, fortunes controlled by a single heir, or fortunes derived primarily from the state. For the purposes of this list, families who wealth stems from a joint company or enterprise are being considered as a single entry.

From the Ferrero family whose $22.9 billion fortune comes from Nutella to the Walton family whose $151.5 billion fortune comes from Walmart, see below for the 25 richest families in the world, ranked.

20. The Dassault family

Net worth: $27.8 billion (R395 billion)
Source of wealth: Dassault Group

The Dassault family gets its money from the Dassault Group, which encompasses a variety of industries – military aircraft manufacturers, newspapers, real estate, and software businesses.

19. The SC Johnson family

Net worth: $28.2 billion (R401 billion)
Source of wealth: SC Johnson

The Johnson family is behind SC Johnson , which produces cleaning products such as Pledge, Glade, and Windex. The company was founded by its namesake in 1882 and was eventually taken over by son Herbert Fisk Johnson. Fifth-generation Herbert Fisk Johnson III acts as the current CEO and chairperson of the company.

18. The Thomson family

Net worth: $30.9 billion (about R440 billion)
Source of wealth: Thomson Reuters

The Thomsons are Canada’s richest family. Their wealth is derived from financial data and services provider Thomson Reuters, which they share a 64% stake in – not to mention their stake in Bell Canada and the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto.

17. The Rausing family

Net worth: $30.9 billion (just over R440 billion)
Source of wealth: Tetra Pak

The Rausing family’s claim to wealth lies in the packaging industry. Ruben Rausing created Tetra Pak in the 1950s. Today, his descendants control
Tetra Laval , one of the world’s biggest packaging companies, which is comprised of Tetra Pak, Sidel, and DeLaval

16. The Lee family

Net worth: $30.9 billion (about R440 billion)
Source of wealth: Samsung

The Lees are the family behind Samsung, which is now the world’s largest producer of smartphones and consists of 62 companies. The electronics giant has helped the Lees become one of Asia’s richest families .

15. The Pritzker family

Net worth: $33.5 billion (R481 billion)
Source of wealth: Hyatt Hotels

A.N. Pritzker and sons Jay, Donald, and Robert created the family’s wealth by founding the Hyatt Hotel chain and investing in holdings, such as Marmon Group. Today, the fortune is split among 13 family members, 11 of whom are billionaires. They reportedly spent much of the 2000s arguing over trusts, ultimately dividing up the fortune at the end.

14. The Cox family

Net worth: $33.6 billion (R470 billion)
Source of wealth: Cox Enterprises

Cox Enterprises has touched a number of industries, including cable and broadband (Cox Communications), newspapers and radio stations (Cox Media Group), and automotive. It generates about $20 billion in revenue.
Founder James Cox’s five grandchildren share the family fortune.

13. The Kwok family

Net worth: $34 billion (about R482 billion)

Since being listed in the 1970s by Kwok Tak-seng, Sun Hung Kai Properties has evolved into one of the biggest property developers in Hong Kong. Thomas and Raymond Kwok control the company after ousting their third brother, Walter Kwok, following a feud.

12. The Mulliez family

Net worth: $37.5 billion (R532 billion)
Source of wealth: Auchan

The Mulliez family is behind the “Walmart of France” – Auchan is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Europe. Association Familiale Mulliez, the family holding company, also controls Leroy Merlin, a home improvement chain, and Decathlon, a sports equipment retailer.

11. The Albrecht family

Net worth: $38.8 billion (about R551 billion)
Source of wealth: Aldi

Theo and Karl Albrecht are the brothers who created the discount supermarket Aldi. Today, there are more than 10,000 stores between the two branches, Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. Theo also
invested in Trader Joe’s , transforming it into a chain with more than 350 stores. It’s still owned by the Albrecht family trust.

10. The Boehringer and von Baumbach family Image

Net worth: $42.2 billion (about R599 billion)
Source of wealth: Boehringer Ingelheim

The Boehringer and von Baumbach families control German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, which has been around for more than 130 years.

9. The Cargill-Macmillan family

Net worth: $42.3 billion (just over R600 billion)
Source of wealth: Cargill Inc.

William W. Cargill founded agribusiness giant
Cargill Inc. in 1865. Today, 23 members of the
Cargill-MacMillan family own 88% of the company, which generates $108 billion in annual revenues. Of this clan, 14 are billionaires. The family reportedly keeps 80% of Cargill Inc.’s net income inside the company for reinvestment annually.

8. The Quandt family

Net worth: $42.7 billion (about R606 billion)
Source of wealth: BMW

The Quandt family is reportedly Germany’s wealthiest family , thanks to their nearly 50% stake in luxury vehicle maker BMW. They also have stakes in Logwin, a German logistics company, and Gemalto, a security software company.

7. The Ambani family

Net worth: $43.3 billion (R614 billion)
Source of wealth: Reliance Industries

The Ambani family’s source of wealth lies in Reliance Industries, a conglomerate in India that owns the biggest oil refining complex in the world. It owns businesses all throughout India, including retail and telecommunications .
Mukesh Ambani, the CEO, lives in a 27-storey, 37,000m² mansion in Mumbai.

6. The Wertheimer family

Net worth: $45.6 billion (about R648 billion)
Source of wealth: Chanel

The Wertheimer family fortune dates back to 1920s Paris when Pierre Wertheimer funded designer Coco Chanel. His grandsons, brothers Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, control Chanel today, which generated $9.6 billion in revenue last year.
They own vineyards in France and Napa Valley and breed and race thoroughbreds, according to Forbes.

5. The Dumas family

Net worth: $49.2 billion (almost R700 billion)
Source of wealth: Hermès

Luxury goods dynasty Hermès is the basis for the
Dumas family fortune . Its origins trace back to the 1800s when Thierry Hermes began making riding gear for noblemen; more than 40 years later, the business took root in Paris.
Fast forward to the 1970s, and descendant Jean-Louis Dumas took the company global. Today, Pierre-Alexis Dumas is the artistic director and Axel Dumas is the company chairperson.

4. The Van Damme, de Spoelberch, and de Mevius families

Net worth: $54.1 billion (R768 billion)
Source of wealth: Anheuser-Busch InBev

The three Belgian families of Van Damme, de Spoelberch, and de Mevius share claim to more than $54 billion in wealth from beer company Anheuser-Busch InBev. The company’s combined
global brand revenue grew by nearly 17% in 2017.

3. The Mars family

Net worth: $89.7 billion (R1.2 trillion)
Source of wealth: Mars Inc.

Jacqueline and John Mars inherited a stake in the candy empire Mars Inc., which invented M&Ms, Milky Way, and Mars Bars, when their father passed away in 1999. Jacquelyn’s son,
Stephen Badger, is the current chairman of Mars Inc., which brings in more than $35 billion in annual revenue.

2. The Koch family

Net worth: $98.7 billion (over R1.4 trillion)
Source of wealth: Koch Industries

Brothers Charles and David Koch expanded their father’s oil refinery firm into conglomerate Koch Industries after their other brothers, Frederick and William, left the business following a failed takeover. Today, Koch Industries generates roughly $100 billion in revenue annually.
They are the second Richest Family in the World.

Top 20 Richest families in the world 2018
Members of the Walton family (the richest family in the world =

1. The Walton family

Net worth: $151.5 billion (more than R2.1 trillion)
Source of wealth: Walmart

The Walton family is the Richest Family in the World.
Sam and Bud Walton founded Walmart in 1962. Following its success, they founded Sam’s Club in 1983. Today, Walmart reports sales of $500 billion, making it the largest retailer by revenue in the world.
The Walton family fortune is dispersed among seven family members, including co-founder Sam Walton’s three children, Rob, Jim, and Alice, who is the richest woman in the world with a $43.7 billion fortune.

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