Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report: Mauritius tops Ranking in Africa, Nigeria 29th

The World Economic Forum has recently published the 2019 edition of the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report.

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report: Mauritius tops Ranking in Africa, Nigeria 29th

Out of 140 countries, 38 African countries were featured in the report on the basis of 14 indicators divided into 4 categories.

While Mauritius tops the ranking at the African level, (54th globally), recording good performance in terms of certain indicators such as digitization, security, health and hygiene, South Africa and Seychelles ranked second and third respectively driven by indicators such as price competitiveness, natural resources, travel and tourism priorities, health and hygiene, safety and security.

Egypt ranked fourth (65th globally) and Morocco ranked fifth (66th), followed by Namibia, which is sixth (81st globally) and Kenya (82nd).

Tunisia, Cape Verde, Botswana completes the Top 10 in this ranking by occupying respectively eight (85th globally), nine (88th globally), ten (92nd globally).

At the level of regions, Southern Africa is the most competitive, but has experienced slow growth in competitiveness over the past two years, the report said.

The region, however, is leading with a good score recorded on 11 pillars among which price competitiveness, international openness, improvement of the infrastructure of tourist services, and the level of digitalization.

With regard to East Africa, the report reveals that the region is close to southern Africa in terms of competitiveness, but has stagnated since the last edition due to lower business travel, and lack of hygiene and health infrastructure.

Regarding West Africa, the 2019 report highlights that the region has experienced the greatest increase in competitiveness, but ranks last in terms of certain indicators such as digitization, as it does not give technology the required priority.

Travel & Tourism Competitiveness: Africa Ranking

World Rank | Country | Score

54 Mauritius, 4.0
61 South Africa, 4.0
62 Seychelles, 3.9
65 Egypt, 3.9
66 Morocco, 3.9
81 Namibia, 3.7
82 Kenya, 3.6
85 Tunisia, 3.6
88 Cape Verde, 3.6
92 Botswana, 3.5
95 Tanzania, 3.4
106 Senegal, 3.3
107 Rwanda, 3.2
111 Gambia, The 3.2
112 Uganda 3.2
113 Zambia, 3.2
114 Zimbabwe, 3.2
115 Ghana, 3.1
116 Algeria, 3.1
118 Eswatini, 3.1
119 Côte d’Ivoire, 3.1
122 Ethiopia, 3.0
123 Benin, 3.0
124 Lesotho, 3.0
125 Malawi, 2.9
126 Guinea, 2.9
127 Mozambique, 2.9
128 Cameroon, 2.9
129 Nigeria, 2.8
130 Mali, 2.8
131 Sierra Leone, 2.8
132 Burkina Faso, 2.8
134 Angola, 2.7
135 Mauritania, 2.7
136 Congo, Democratic Rep. 2.7
137 Burundi, 2.7
138 Liberia, 2.6
139 Chad, 2.5

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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