10 Most Annoying Things About Being Short

Here are a few things you will relate to if you are very close to the ground
The Ten most annoying things about being short.

1. People always mistake you for a small kid

Especially when you are viewed from behind. A guy once walked up to me, tapped me and was about to send me on an errand -i know this because he already had his money in his hand- when he saw my face he apologised and left, couple of seconds later he stopped another jkid and sent him instead.
It becomes worst when you dont have enough facial hair.

2. People always use you as an arm rest

I’m actually not too short but virtually all my friends are taller than i am, so virtually all of them uses me as an arm rest. which is very annoying.

3. You can’t reach things

The most annoying one, whenever you need to get something from a higher shelve you just have to use a small tool, you have no say in the matter which is quite embarrassing especially when people are around.

4. Not able to drive a car without first adjusting the seat

Before you drive a car you have to move your seat all the way forward before you are able to drive.

5. It’s harder to run as fast or jump as high as other people

This is especially annoying if you play sports like high jump, and worst basketball.

6. You always have to look straight up when talking to people

This is the sole reason why short people always feel pain in their neck region, because they spend their whole day looking up staright at people whilst communicating.

7. People think they can easily beat you up

Dont know where people get the idea that short people cant fight, but most of the time when a tall person pick on a short person he definitely always think that he’s going to beat him up if any trouble should arise – like he’s going to just stand there and watch – without stress.

8. Shoe sizes can be hard to find

Finding fitting shoes that you like are hard. sometimes to get the right shoes you just have to shop in kids section.

9. When you’re at a concert, you can’t see the stage

Which is painstainkingly frustrating especially when you paid good money for the ticket. Unless you dont mind being carried.

10. Its hard to get a girl

Walk up to any girl and ask her to describe her dream man. my bet is shes going to say she wants a tall guy. 

Nobody wants to date a short guy, even short girls dont want to date a short guy. the only youy can get a girlfriend as a short guy is if you are stinkingly rich.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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