African Countries that are Most and Least Prepared Against Cyber Attacks

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Cyber security is a global problem, and very few countries have an even moderately clean record when it comes to avoiding data breaches and cyber attacks. However, the National Cyber Security Index, a cyber security consumer guide, has highlighted the most and least African countries most prepared for a cyber attack:

African Countries that are Most and Least Prepared Against Cyber attacks

The National Cyber Security Index is a global index, which measures the preparedness of countries to prevent cyber threats and manage cyber incidents. The NCSI is also a database with publicly available evidence materials and a tool for national cyber security capacity building.

According to the NCSI, Uganda is the most secured African country against cyber attacks.

Uganda is currently the best prepared African country against cyber attacks, they are ranked 40th in the world, showing good results in several of the capacities, with notable performance in the capacities of cyber threat analysis and information, protection of digital services, education and professional development, fight against cybercrime, etc.

Uganda is closely followed by Mauritius (ranked 43rd) and Nigeria (ranked 45th).

See top 10 below

Most Prepared African Countries against Cyber attacks

1. Uganda
World rank = 40

2. Mauritius
World rank = 44

3. Nigeria
World rank = 46

4. Benin
World rank = 51

5. Zambia
World rank = 52

6. Kenya
World rank = 62

7. Egypt
World rank = 63

8. Ethiopia
World rank = 68

9. Tunisia
World rank = 73

10. Rwanda
World rank = 78

11. South Africa
World rank = 79

12. Côte d’Ivoire
World rank = 83

And below are the least Prepared African countries against Cyber attacks
Ranked from top to bottom;

12. Cameroon
World rank = 87

11. Malawi
World rank = 88

10. Ghana
World rank = 10

9. Mali
World rank = 91

8. Liberia
World rank = 92

7. Senegal
World rank = 96

World rank = 99

5. Algeria
World rank = 102

4. Botswana
World rank = 103

3. Sudan
World rank = 107

2. Madagascar
World rank = 112

1. South Sudan
World rank = 114


National Cyber Security Index

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