Most Popular Websites in Nigeria: Top 30 Most Visited Websites in Nigeria, 2021

What top websites are Nigerians visiting in 2021? How much time do they spend on these websites? What are they searching for on google?. Here’s a list of the Latest Top 30 Most Visited Websites in Nigeria and the...

Dr Sian Proctor, the First Black Woman to Pilot a Spacecraft

On September 15, 2021, Sian Proctor became the first Black woman to pilot a spacecraft and the fourth Black woman to go to space.

African Countries With the Highest Internet Users (2021)

With over 104 million internet users, Nigeria has the highest internet users in Africa. The country is followed by egypt with 55 million internet users.

African Countries With The Cheapest Mobile Data Prices 2020, Nigeria Ranked 13th

Somalia has the most cheapest mobile data in the Africa and the 8th most cheapest in the world, says a new report. According to a report by Cable.co.uk, a UK price comparison website, Somalia ranks 7 out of 228 countries...

100-Million-Year-Old “River Monster” Discovered Beneath Africa’s Sahara Desert

The first ever evidence of a dinosaur which swam, lived and hunted underwater has been discovered in the now-barren wilderness of the Saharan desert. Paleontologists have unearthed new fossils in southeastern Morocco that provide a deeper understanding of one of...

World Bank Report: Kenya Leads in Mobile Money Transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa

A new report by World Bank has ranked Kenya as the highest user of Mobile Money Transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa. Image source The World Bank report also indicated that two-thirds of adults worldwide without an account cite lack of money as...

Ethiopia Joins the List of African Nations with Satellites in Space

Ethiopia on Friday launched its first satellite into space, joining the list of African nations striving to develop space programs to advance their development goals and encourage scientific innovation. The satelite is the first-ever earth observatory satellite designed to collect...

These are the Five Countries Leading the way in Fintech Innovation in Africa

A recent report on the Global Fintech Index City Rankings 2020 released by Findexable has ranked south Africa as the leading Fintech destination in Africa. Fintech has become an important sector of our daily lives as it has created more...

Nigeria Has the 8th Best 4G Coverage in Africa – GCI Index 2019

The Global Connectivity Index (GCI) for 2019 published by technology company Huawei has ranked Nigeria eighth in Africa for 4G coverage. Despite somewhat ranking high continentally, Nigeria ranked 75th globally on a list that included just 79 countries. The index is...

Two Nigerians Shortlisted for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2020

Two Nigerian Innovators have recently been announced by the United Kingdom’s Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) as candidates for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation 2020.The innovators, Aisha Raheem and Victor Boyle-Komolafe, were shortlisted alongside 14 engineers and entrepreneurs...
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Capoeira, the Brazilian Martial Art Invented by Enslaved Africans

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that was invented by enslaved Africans in the 16th century who used it to disguise the fact that they were practising fight moves.
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