Mandume: The African King Who Led an Uprising Against Portuguese Colonial Rule in 1914

Mandume ya Ndemufayo was the last king of the Oukwanyama people, a subgroup of the Ovambo ethnic group in southern Angola and northern Namibia. He is known for leading an uprising against Portuguese colonial rule during World War I.

Boni: The Guerrilla Leader Who Led a Resistance Against Dutch Colonizers in 18th Century Suriname

Bokilifu Boni, often simply referred to as Boni, was a Maroon leader who emerged as a formidable force against Dutch colonizers in Suriname during the 18th century

Titina Silá: The Freedom Fighter Murdered by Portugal for Championing Guinea Bissau’s Liberation

Titina Silá was born into a world shaped by colonial rule, where the people of Guinea-Bissau were subjected to the exploitative practices of Portuguese imperialism. The oppressive environment she grew up in later became a catalyst for her activism....

The Christmas Rebellion of 1831: The Story of the Great Jamaican Slave Revolt

The Christmas Rebellion, also known as the Baptist War, was a slave revolt that took place in Jamaica in 1831. It is one of the largest and most significant slave revolts in history

Chief Bhambatha: The Zulu Chief Who Led a Rebellion Against British Rule and Taxation in 1906

Mbata Bhambatha was the head of the Zulu Zondi tribe that lived in the Mpanza Valley and led a rebellion against British control and taxation in the South African colony of Natal in 1906.

Muhumusa: For Resisting Colonial Rule, this African Queen was Arrested and Kept under House Arrest until her Death in 1945

Queen Muhumusa was a courageous leader whose resistance against the German and British colonial powers, resulted in her arrest and subsequent house confinement until her death in 1945. Born in the early 1880s in what is present-day Rwanda, Muhumusa's early...

José Antonio Aponte: The African slave who Masterminded Cuba’s Most Ambitious Slave Rebellion in 1812

In 1812, José Antonio Aponte, an African slave in Cuba, played a crucial role in organizing one of the island’s most significant slave rebellions.

Sekuru Kaguvi: The African Leader Who Was Hanged for Leading a Rebellion Against the British in 1897

Sekuru Kaguvi was a prominent leader in the late 19th century in what is now Zimbabwe who was hanged for rebelling against the British during the First Chimurenga war in 1897.

Bai Bureh: The African Leader Exiled for Leading an Uprising Against the British in 1898

Bai Bureh was a Sierra Leonean ruler, military strategist, and Muslim cleric, who led an uprising against British rule in 1898 in Northern Sierra Leone.

The Little George Revolt: How Enslaved Africans Revolted and Commandeered a Slave Ship Back To Africa in 1730

In the early 1730s, Captain George Scott embarked on a dangerous voyage from Newport to Africa's Guinea Coast with the purpose of acquiring slaves. After months on the shores of Guinea, the sloop "Little George" departed with 96 captured Africans
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