Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies In South Africa 2017

There are lots of car insurance companies in South Africa, but according to bestsouthafrica, these are the top 10 car insurance companies in South Africa..

Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies In South Africa 2017

1. Auto And General Insurance

Auto and General have been existing for a long time now, over the past 30 years. This company goes well beyond automobiles, you can as well choose from life insurance policies and short-term insurance policies, it is designed to meet different needs. The company has also expanded its operations to other countries like UK and Australia.

2. AA Insurance

This company’s insurance is affordable with a range of solutions, they offer different options to individuals from a Comprehensive insurance, Off-road cover, third-party only, third-party fire and theft. The company is well trusted and respected brand.

3. Indwe Insurance

This company offers one of the best car insurance policies, we call them tailored made policies. They have the Comprehensive cover which is quite expensive, they have the third-party only, third-party fire and theft.

4. Budget Insurance

Budget insurance has helped and also developed in reducing expense. The company has different car insurance covers from Comprehensive, Third-party fire and theft, Third party only and Better car value. Budget is one of the best and it’s affordable.

5. Discovery Insurance

Discovery is one of the best car Insurance Companies in South Africa , the company gives rewards to safe drivers, the company is termed as one of the best, because you can check their policies online, not all car insurance companies do that. Most of them are shy of explaining their policies to their clients, but discovery insurance is one company that puts everything down and make things easier for you.

6. Mutual And Federal Insurance

This company has distinguished themselves from others, with over a century experience, they have provided good services. Most of the staffs in the company has worked up to 3 decades, the company helps by reducing monthly contributions by a first amount payable option.

7. Dial Direct Insurance

Their policies offer automobile insurance for all kinds of vehicles. The company offers four (4) main options for car insurance ranging from Comprehensive, Third-party only, Third-party fire and theft and Better car. The better car option gives clients newer model of car if theirs get destroyed beyond repair in an accident.

8. Outsurance Insurance

Launched in 1998, they have well-trained staffs to provide quality services and products to clients. The company helps heaps of drivers to get to their destination in time, the company achieves this because of their skilled point-men.

9. First For Women Insurance

This company product is meant for the women alone. They have different options ranging from the Better car value, Comprehensive, Third-party only, Third-party fire and theft. The company focus on women only because they believe that their services are very cheap and also compared to men, women are much more safe drivers.

10. Santam Insurance

An old insurance company, founded in 1918, the company offers a wide range of products. Almost all organizations come to them for car insurance covers, they offer third-party only, third-party fire and theft, Comprehensive.

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
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