Top 10 Fun Facts About The Very Unique People Called Nigerians

Nigerians or Nigerian people are citizens of Nigeria or people with ancestry from Nigeria.

Nigerians are a unique group of people, and here are some facts to prove it. From our love for education to our very odd beliefs, here’s a look at some fun facts about Nigerians.

Top 10 Fun Facts About Nigerians

1. One out of every Ten black men you see in UK and US is a Nigerian

This is no surprise though, considering the fact that US And UK Top List Of Countries Most Nigerians Abroad Reside In.

2. Our Love For Rice

Nigerians eat rice 10 times more than any other country in Africa

Only a Non-Nigeria would doubt this.

3. Nigerians Are Optimists

Despite having all the odds stacked against them, Nigerians are still the most optimistic people on earth.

4. Nigerians Are Also Happy

Nigerians are the happiest people on earth

According to recent study, Nigerians are the fifth happiest people in Africa. Even with all the atrocities happening within the country we still remain happy… This says a lot about Nigerians.

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5. Nigerians Are Very Superstitious

More than 80% of Nigerians believe in ghosts, witches, some of us even believe in reincarnation.

6. Nigerians Are Educationally Minded

Nigerians are the most educated people in US

In an average Nigerian family, everybody has a college degree….

7. Nigerians Are The Most Connected On The Web In Africa

According to latest data from internet world stats, Nigeria has an approximated total of 98,400,000 Internet users, that is a whopping 50.5% of Nigeria’s population have access to the internet.

8. Nigerians Are The Second Most Deported People From The U.S.

Yes, currently Nigerians are the second most deported people from the U.S.

The number increased from 242 in 2016 to 312 in 2017. All thanks to Trump.

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9. Nigerians Have The Highest Levels of Education In The United States

Nigerian Have The Highest Levels of Education In The United States

Image source

According to U.S. Census data Nigerians have the highest levels of education in the United States, surpassing whites and Asians.

According to the data, 61.4% of Nigerian Americans age 25 and higher hold bachelor’s degrees (or higher) and 29% hold graduate or professional degrees.

10. Nigerians Are Hard workers and Hard Players

Nigerians work hard, and play hard. If you are looking for people who work so hard and never feel the pain, talk about Nigerians.

Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.

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