What Your Sitting Posture Say About Your Personality

Do you know!! your sitting posture could be giving away secrets about your personality. Yes. You heard right.

According to psychologists who study the human body language, your personality, intentions and even your hidden desires, can all be worked out by how you position yourself on a chair.

Here’s a rundown on what your sitting posture say about your personality.

Position 1

It is quite easy to communicate with you, you are not boring, you switch easily, and yoy rarely process the same thought for a period of one week. You are also very creative, charming, and a little childish. You tend to always say something first, and then think about what you said/did Later.

Position 2

You are outgoing and self-confident, usually talkative and at ease in others’ company. Some people find you highly likable while others find you a bit annoying, depending on the case. Your strong points are your honesty, directness and loyalty, while your weaknesses tend to be a volatile temper and lack of tact. You know what you like, and have little patience for that which offends you.

Position 3

You are strong-headed, tough and you like to observe others. You quickly make up your mind and you stick to your decisions. Pleasing others and having a good time is not your goal; you want things to get done. Depending on the circumstances, you could be very talkative, even argumentative, but could also fall silent if you choose to do so.

 You prefer to communicate in a logical and factual manner, and you are not easily tricked by fanciful behavior.
Your main weakness is the inability to focus on something special, and cannot concentrate for a longer period of time.

Position 4

You are smart, intelligent, sensitive. You feel uncomfortable if someone shows their feelings in a public place (whether it is a passionate kiss or a quarrel). You tend to be quiet, and do not easily open up to others, particularly strangers or people of authority. You are most comfortable talking to patient and understanding people.

Position 5

​You have a strong sense of grace and style and you can make friends and conquer enemies with your charm. You prefer a non-confrontational approach when it comes to resolving disputes. You are pleasant to be around and you keep your poise even when you feel that someone has offended you. You will react later on and off the scene. You are, however, somewhat vulnerable to flattery.

Your appearance also, is highly important to you and no one is aware what you will do to maintain the perfect form. There is a small insecurity somewhere deep in your soul, and you often accept criticism (even a friendly and constructive one) with objections.

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Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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