10 African Inventors and Their Ingenious Inventions

Up to this moment, Africa is yet to get her deserved ratings in regards to
their development and improvement as a continent compared to the rest.
Every day, there are new uprising entrepreneurs, tech gurus, ideological
genius young stars coming up with one or two new innovations to improve the
liveliness of the humans. Question is, do they get the required exposure
and enough airtime on media to showcase their work and gifts?
Although this may not go viral, we have taken a step on airing and showing the world just what Africa can do if given time and attention. The
following list of inventors and their work provide the continent with the
most business and investment opportunities in the region, airing them out is the least we can do.

10 Popular African Innovators and Their Ingenious Innovations.

1. Mellowcabs

10 Inventions Africa Contributed To The World

Neil du Preez is an African inventor and the Founder & CEO Of Mellowcabs, an automobile Manufactured and designed from recycled materials.

Mellowcabs are highly technical mobile pedicabs firstly originating from Egypt. They are commonly used by the short distance passenger within a radius of around 3 kilometers or so. Although they may come with disadvantages of congestion especially in urban areas, they have relatively bridged the gap of micro commuters going for a short distance travel. Mellowcabs provide more than you can imagine, among the list is an onboard charging, illuminated body panel, onboard IPad tablet, and 100% electric among many more others.

These cabs have a well set adaptable body cells, solar panel and emits zero carbon thus making it the best eco-friendly cab on earth. You may want to check out their website for more details.

2. Hospital in a Box

In order to help bring surgical care to every region of the continent, Seyi Oyesola also an African inventor -Nigeria to be precise – co-developed CompactOR, or the “Hospital in a Box”: a portable medical system that contains anesthetic and surgical equipment. Sumply put, it is life-saving operating room which can be transported to remote areas of Africa and set up within minutes.

3. Cardiopad

Cameroonian invents Cardiopad

The cardiopad was invented by a 26-year-old Cameroonian Arthur Zang.

This is a touch screen digital IPad used to test and perform heart examinations including ECG (electrocardiogram) remotely. Its results can then wirelessly send to the specialists for interpretation.

This innovation has been a real blessing to many remote populations who have heart-related issues as well as the medics working in the remote area.
The gadget saves both doctors and patients’ time and resources to visit
specialists anytime they have an issue to be examined.

4. Cancer Goggles

Cancer googles

The cancer goggle was developed in the US by a Nigeria surgeon Dr Achilefu. The goggle lets surgeons “see” which cells in the human body are cancerous and which are healthy, increasing the chances that they will be able remove all cancer cells in one operation.

Dr Achilefu was awarded a St. Louis Award fir his invention.

5. The Saphonian

The saphonian

This is a Tunisia-based and made cleantech wind energy development. The
latest innovated zero blade converter is targeted to produce cost effective
and efficient green energy. It has a sail that is used to channel the wind
on a back and forth motion converting the Kinetic energy into mechanical
energy by the use of pistons.

The same piston will subsequently convert the said energy into the
hydraulic pressure that can either be stored in the hydraulic accumulator
or using hydraulic motor or generator convert it to working electricity.
The Saphonian was founded by the two Tunisians, Hassine Labaied, and Anis

6. SavvyLoo

This is a peddled operational, easy to assess waterless toilet basically
designed for the rural communities and informal settlements. It is designed
with a conical disk that separates urine, diarrhea and all sorts of solid
from liquids.

Savvyloo country of origin is South Africa and has seen an immense
reception among the informal settlements in the same nation. Currently, this is one of the commonly known and used toilet across rural communities in various countries.

7. Tellurometer


​One of the famously known South African engineer, Trevor Lloyd Wadley is the man behind tellurometer. Widely known as the Micro-Distancer MRA 1,
this device is made specifically to measure earth’s ionosphere. Trevor
developed a loop circuit which enables a better and greater stability on
the communication panel.

8. CT Scanner

African inventors

Allan Cormack is the man behind CT scanner, the South African based
physicist was the first person to analyze the possibilities of having a
working radiological cross section of an eco-friendly biological system.

The fact that there is an extensive theoretical foundation is from his hard work in experiments. After several of them, the genius published several papers of the same, although no one seemed to take the idea into the consideration in the first place, one British engineer Mr. Godfrey
developed the first ever successful CAT scanners.
This innovation won Allan Cormack a noble prize award in 1979.

9. Pool Cleaner

This hydraulics engineer invented the swimming pool vacuum cleaner (Kreepy Krauly). This automatic vacuum cleaner is efficiently powered by the ordinary operation of the pool’s filter. Today Kreepy Krauly is helping many people in South Africa and around the world.

10. Graphite Anode

This Moroccan scientist is well-known for his research on lithium ion batteries and on fluoride ion batteries. He invented graphite anode of lithium ion batteries. Today companies like Samsung, Nokia, Apple and more uses this African invention. Yazami earned his graduation at the Grenoble Institute of Technology, followed by a Ph. D. (1985) at the same institute.

This List was compiled by Samson Mwendwa Sam, a young aspiring freelancer, currently pursuing a degree in tourism management at the technical University of Mombasa kenya. He blogs at Africazeal

Uzonna Anele
Uzonna Anele
Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world.


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