Top 7 Nigerian ICT Jobs With High Employment Rate

Information Technology is an already booming field in Nigeria. Companies in Nigeria are looking for trained workers who understand the dynamics of new technologies. It is a fast growing market and one you should consider going into right now.

So, if you are looking to move into a this very exciting field? I have listed the top 7 Nigerian ICT jobs that should be considered by everyone looking to work in the Nigerian IT sector…

What are the top Nigerian ICT jobs?

1. Network Engineer

Top Nigerian ICT Jobs With High Employment Rate

Your job as a Network Engineer is to design, setup, and maintain telecommunication and computer networks. This is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs in ICT. Every company survives on Networks, and Networks Engineers are paid handsomely just to make sure the company’s network is always up.

In some cases, you are responsible for maintaining security, managing data storage and devising means of retrieving data in case of disaster.

Salary scale => 150,000 – 300,000 Naira Monthly (Entry level)

Entry Course; CompTIA N+, CCNA

2. Software Developer

Top 7 Nigerian ICT Jobs With High Employment Rate

The Software Development field still lags behind in Nigeria. Recent statistics show that Nigeria spends about 2billion Naira yearly importing software from countries like India. The Job market lies green and waiting to be exploited.

Everyone uses a software. It is what runs computers, smartphones, and tablets. Before usage, it needs to be created first. A software developer is a brain behind the code that runs websites, applications and games.

They are designed using script languages like PHP, Java, and Python. Other branches of software development include web designers and internet developers.

Salary Scale => 200,000 Naira – 400,000 Naira Monthly (Entry Level)

Entry Course; Web Design, Web Development, Basic Programming (Java, C++, C#, PHP)

3. Information Technology Consultant

This is among top Nigerian ICT Jobs. It entails developing systems and projects for clients. As an IT Consultant, you would use your experience to develop special codes and build their projects. This job is more of freelancing, per-job-basis.

Average Monthly Income => 150,000 – 500,000 Naira (Depends on experience and client base)

Entry Course; Depends on the chosen line of speciality.

System analyst in Nigeria

4. System Analyst

Your job role as a system analyst is finding problems in a system and working with various codes. You would be required to find solutions to existing problems as a System Analyst. You would then take the data you have collected, then information systems to handle it. As a System Analyst, you need a mix of computer skills and business knowledge. This is because you have to identify the cost and additional requirements that go alongside your solution.

Monthly Income => 250,000 – 500,000 Naira (Entry Level)

Entry Course; Programming

Top 7 Nigerian ICT Jobs With High Employment Rate

5. Software Tester

Most large software companies hire specialists to test their new software before it hits the market. As a software tester, you stress the new software to the extreme, looking for ways it can fail and provide feedback to the company. What an interesting position, isn’t it?

The data provided helps programmers fix the problems, also reducing bugs in the final product.

The average salary of a software tester in Nigeria is => 150,000 – 200,000 Naira (Entry position)

Entry Course; Programming

Top Nigerian ICT Jobs

6. Network Administrator

A Network Administrator is basically one who job is to support and maintain existing networks. You will have to troubleshoot your company’s internet and intranet communications while maintaining the server. You also work to protect the company from online threats. ICT jobs in this field are known as Information Security Analyst or Information Technology Specialist.

The average monthly salary is => 300,000 – 500,000 Naira (Entry Level Position)

Entry course; CCNA (Routing and Switching), CCNA Security+, CEH (Certified Ethical Hacking)

ICT Jobs in Nigeria

7. IT Support Engineer

An IT Support Engineer help to make sure that all ICT processes in a firm are running smoothly. This encompasses both the Hardware and Network aspect of Information Technology.

An IT Support Engineer helps to maintain, troubleshoot and repair the hardware, and network systems in any organization.

The average monthly salary in Nigeria is => 80,000 – 150,000 (Depending on the organization).

Entry Level Courses includes; CompTIA A+ (Hardware Engineering), CCNA (Routing and switching).

Now you have known top Nigerian ICT jobs, why don’t you take a chance and acquire one of the above skills? This will help improve your job prospect and uplift you in your present career.

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